What is a Bumper Lip and What Does it Do?


The bumper is an important part of a car as it absorbs impact in collisions and minimizes the damage to the vehicle and people. The easiest way to make your car bumper more functional is to use a bumper lip. Now you may ask, “what is a bumper lip?” Below we’ll go into the details about the bumper lip and its uses.


What is a Bumper Lip?

A car with OTOEZ universal front bumper lip spoiler diffuser

The bumper lip is a strip added to your bumper to protect the bumper, lower your car and reduce the airflow under the car during driving. Therefore, it’s necessary to buy a quality bumper lip that is durable and has a stylish look.

Bumper lips vary in size, design and material. Our featured automotive brand, OTOEZ, offers a variety of premium universal front and rear bumper lip, spoiler and splitter kits for different vehicle brands like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Infiniti, Chevy, Ford, Benz, Mercedes, etc.


What are the Detailed Functions of the Bumper Lip?

1. Protect The Bumper

Honda Civic 2016-2021 with OTOEZ front bumper lip


A bumper lip covers the bottom edge of the bumper on the vehicle, protecting it from potential scrapes and nicks on a speed bump, parking block, curb, etc. It’s also an excellent helper to preserve the paint of the car.


2. Reduce The Air Drag

When driving, there’s air flowing under the vehicle. It will slow the car down and cause a loss in speed. The bumper lip can reduce airflow, and then decrease air drag, and increase fuel efficiency.


3. Improve Handling

A bumper lip can also improve handling in driving since it will add downforce to your car by redirecting the air to the top and pushing the car down. However, it only works on cars at an extremely high speed.


4. Lower the Car

Nissan Rogue 2017+  with OTOEZ front bumper lip

Apart from the functions above, many people use the bumper lip to make the car lower in appearance. The car with a lowered look is more stylish and attractive. So, it’s also a great addition to improve the vehicle’s aesthetics.


In conclusion, the bumper lip is a helpful accessory to reduce the airflow and protect the car from damage, and also a stylish and fancy decoration. If you want it for functionality, choose those made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and durable ABS plastic. If you need it more for decoration, go for one with stylish designs.

BCBMALL provides a wide range of front and rear bumper lip, spoiler and splitter kits that combine high quality and unique, stylish designs. Now, it’s time to find one that fits your vehicle best.


  • The bumper lip gives the car a better look.

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  • Bumper lips are decorative and functional car accessories.

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  • The front bumper lip does really help protect my front car, and I like the stylish look it adds to my car.

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