Top 5 Dog Supplies for Your Beloved Fur Kid in 2022

It’s usually said that dogs are the best friends of humans. It’s true. Dogs have a lot of positive effects on society. They offer great companionship to people both physically and mentally, help people develop an active lifestyle, and reduce people’s stress and anxiety. Therefore, as dog owners, we are supposed to provide them with great love and care. The first and most important step is preparing the necessary supplies to help them grow, rest, and play comfortably.

There is a great selection of dog supplies from dog house, bed, playpen to leash, collar and pee pad. Following are the top five basic items you must have to take care of your lovely pooch.


Dog Tactical Collar Leash Set

K9 Dog Tactical Collar Leash
Your fur kid needs at least one collar and one leash for everyday wear, training and walking outside. This tactical collar leash set is a perfect option.


The flat collar is made of thickened double-layer nylon fabric with soft padding, so it’s comfortable and breathable. A heavy-duty zinc alloy buckle makes it easy to adjust to medium and large dogs. Also, you can attach identification and license tags to it at ease.

The nylon leash is processed to be waterproof and highly flexible. The elastic cushion will relieve the pulling force and impact from the dog’s sudden rush. A quick-release hook can be connected to the sturdy D-ring on the collar, and an extra handle can help control your dog at a close range in an emergency.


Donut Plush Dog Bed

Donut Round Plush Pet Bed
Good sleep is essential to help dogs stay healthy and energetic during the daytime. That’s why they need a comfortable bed. This donut round dog bed is made from high-quality faux fur and soft cotton padding.


The luxurious faux fur mimics the hair of the mother dog, which will make the dogs feel safe, calm and relaxing. The raised rim bundled with premium soft cotton can provide comfortable support for their neck and spine, reducing muscle and joint pain.

The bottom is waterproof and wear-resistant Oxford fabric, and the non-slip grains will keep the bed firm in place. In addition, this bed is machine washable and dryer friendly, so it’s easy to clean.  


Washable Dog Pee Pad

Washable Dog Pee Pad
If you’re getting a new puppy into your home, potty training pads are a must-have item. This washable dog pee pad is an economical choice because the same potty pad can help the puppies associate the smell with the action of peeing/pooping.


This dog pee pad has four layers: a breathable cloth top layer, soft, absorbent cotton filling, a TPU waterproof layer, and non-slip and leakproof backing. The pad can hold lots of liquid and absorb moisture quickly, preventing unwanted messes on the floor, furniture or crate.

This easy-to-carry, reusable pee pad has three sizes and four color options, ideal for crates, beds, sofas, floors, car seats, etc.


Portable Dog Playpen

Portable dog play pen
Every now and then, you may want to go camping with your lovely fur kid. This portable playpen is a perfect pop-up tent for your dog.


It’s constructed with 600D Oxford fabric, mesh and soft pads, and you can set up or fold it easily in seconds. The soft six panels provide roomy space for the dog to rest and play. The mesh fences and reinforced corners will ensure the pet’s security.

The fabric roof and mesh door are easy to open and can close securely through the durable and smooth zippers. What’s more, it’s lightweight and foldable, so you can carry or store it in a space-saving way and use it for any indoor or outdoor activity.


Pet Bed Mat Cushion

Pet Bed Mat Cushion
Apart from the dog bed, your dog may nap on the living room floor or the couch. An extra mat cushion can be very helpful to offer a better sleeping experience.


This rectangle pet mat is made of flannelette and lamb fluff, and it will create an ultra-soft texture for extreme comfort. Lightweight and foldable, you can place it anywhere your puppy goes.

This mat can provide a soft and warm cushioning on the floor, in the crate, kneel, or any hard-sided pet carrier. It can also prevent your couch from being soaked when the puppy has an accident during a nap. Four sizes options are designed for dogs weighing from 16 pounds to 55 pounds.

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