8 Stunning Boho Decor Ideas to Spruce up Your Space in 2022

Bohemian style, also known as Boho style, has become trendy again in recent years due to its free expression and inclusiveness to different cultures and elements. From clothing fashion to home interior design, those who consider themselves free-spirited fall in love with this eclectic, fascinating style.

Boho home design is about decorating a house through a free mixing of various colors, patterns and layering of textures. Typical boho elements can include natural materials like linen and wood, macrame, embroidery, glass, beads, leather and metallic decors. Common patterns are plants, florals, geometric shapes and exotic motifs.

There’s no strict rule in boho home design. You just need to choose and arrange materials freely to make a cozy and inviting look. Here we come up with eight stunning boho decorations that may create a perfect boho vibe for your space.  


 1. Boho Wood Beaded Chandelier

To make a bohemian home, you can start with a boho lighting fixture in your bedroom, living room, or balcony. The wood beaded chandeliers are great options.

boho wood beaded chandelier

The natural wood beads are treated to resist high temperatures and prevent burning, and then connected through sturdy hemp ropes. The hanging chain and canopy frame are made from premium iron, ensuring the light fixture hangs on the ceiling stably and firmly. There are different styles and colors available depending on the overall atmosphere. For example, a one-tier white beaded chandelier blends well in a neutral, modern space, while two-tier beige beaded chandelier adds a farmhouse charm.    


2. Moroccan Hanging Candle Lanterns

Speaking of boho lighting, Moroccan lamps and lanterns are popular light fixtures. These hanging glass candle lanterns work well to provide a vintage Moroccan chic.

 Moroccan Hanging Candle Lanterns

One of the most typical Moroccan lanterns is often made from glass with rustic brass or wrought iron. The glass and metal holder can come with extremely elaborate and delicate details, such as geometric shapes and nature-inspired patterns. These lovely-sized lanterns are easy to hang anywhere with an adjustable chain. You can either hang them in the living room to enhance the boho vibe or place them over the reading nook to create a romantic atmosphere.


3. Patterned Boho Rug

Colored and textured area rugs are often found on the floors of bohemian homes. You can place them anywhere in your home, such as in the living room, hallway, bathroom and kitchen.

vintage boho area rugs

If you’d like to add a bit of boho flair to a modern space, the hand-braided area rug is a perfect choice. It’s hand-woven by skilled artisans using eco-friendly and all-natural jute strips. The geometric patterns and clean color combinations will not break the modern atmosphere. Or you can choose a rug designed with bold color palettes and complicated patterns, adding some delicate, eye-catching boho-chic to the room. 


4. Printed Chair Covers

Want to set up a bohemian dining space without swapping the existing furniture? You can start by covering your dining chairs with boho-printed covers.

 Boho printed chair covers

Just slip the covers down the chairs, and you will get a new set of bohemian furniture. First, find out the chairs’ construction, size, and dimensions and apt for stretchy covers. Excellent chair covers are supposed to protect your chairs from stains, dirt, and pet scratch and bites, so you need to go for high-quality, durable ones. As for the prints, you can choose the patterns you like, or those that go well with your other decors.  


5. Floral Printed Sofa Covers

If your seating area goes a neutral palette, it’s a good idea to create a colored bohemian look with the floral printed sofa covers.

 boho floral printed sofa covers

Made from high-quality polyester and spandex, these covers are soft, skin-friendly and stretchy, providing a comfortable seating experience and complete protection from pet scratches, footprints, daily stains after a long period using. Here are four size options suitable for one-to-four-seater sofas. The exquisite bohemian patterns range from geometric shapes such as hexagons, ellipses and rhombus to delicate paisley and floral elements. Vibrant orange and red hues can bring warmth to the space, while blues and greens make it a statement of glamour. 


6. Boho Tufted Pillow Cover

The seating area will be more upgrade if you get some boho pillows and pile them on the sofa. They work well to invite people to sit down and stay comfortably.

 Boho Tufted Pillow Cover

In case you might change your room style every season, a set of boho tufted pillow covers will be an easy choice to add a good touch of bohemian atmosphere. These premium fabrics feature a good air permeability and a comfy touch. The geometric tufted strips on both sides are understated, elegant decorations. The light green, gray, beige, pink, yellow and white colors will give a fresh look to the sofa.


7. Woven Hanging Decor

When it comes to boho chic, macrame artwork is among the most popular decors. Woven tapestries or macrame plant hangers can be an ideal choice.

 Macrame Plant Hanger

Woven tapestries are perfect additions to the blank wall in any room at home. Handwoven by skilled artisans with natural cotton ropes, these tapestries feature various delicate knots and beautiful patterns, including moon, star, owl, dreamcatcher and classic geometric shapes. The macrame plant hangers are constructed with sturdy cotton knots and decorative wood beads, perfect for hanging plant holders of different sizes and shapes and creating a romantic boho vibe.  


8. Wood Beaded Curtains

There’s another unique and pretty boho decoration, beaded curtains. The bead material ranges from crystal glass to wood and bamboo.

 Wood Beaded Curtains

Wood bamboo beaded curtains are wonderful combinations of natural materials and classic boho elements. They come in exquisite and classic geometric or nature-inspired patterns handcrafted with beautiful bead strands and lovely round bead pendants. They hang elegantly with a nice drape and serve as a visual division between rooms, perfect for door beads, window curtains, doorway curtains, closet curtains, room dividers, etc.

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