What Materials are Used for Car Seat Covers and Which One is Best in 2022?

So, you get a brand new car and you’d like to keep its upholstery protected and fresh-looking, or your older car seats have already shown some wear and tear, but you find it too expensive to replace them entirely. The seat covers may help you out. Quality and stylish seat covers will protect your car seats from stains and damage and lift up the look of your car’s interior.

When choosing car seat covers, we can find that there are plenty of options available on the market. What materials are used to make the seat covers? Which is best for my car? You may be confusing about these questions. Today, we would like to go over the four basic materials and how to choose from them to ensure you are getting what suits your vehicle best.


5 Types of Car Seat Covers

1. Leather Seat Covers

Leather seat covers are a luxury choice. They will increase the elegance, aesthetics, and value of the car. Leather is soft, stylish, and durable. It’s highly resistant to spills easy to clean. You can choose the leather seat covers as long as you can afford them.

Leather seat covers also need regular cleaning and conditioning otherwise they may become dry and brittle. Additionally, it can get hot in warm weather, so beware of the climate and temperature changes before going for the leather seat covers.


2. Leatherette/Faux Leather Seat Covers

Leatherette, or faux leather seat covers are an affordable alternative for leather seat covers. The leatherette mimics the texture and looking of leather, soft, comfortable, elegant and waterproof.

Compared to leather seat covers, high-quality faux leather seat covers has two advantages. They are easier to maintain, and they are more affordable than leather seat covers. Still, beware of the warm weather because the faux leather will get hot like leather.

Luxury Leather Seat Covers


Deluxe Leather Car Seat CoversLuxury Leather Car Seat CoversLeather Car Seat Cover, 5D Stereo Version

3. Polyester Seat Covers

Polyester, or microsuede seat covers are waterproof and machine-washable for easy cleanup. Polyester is a is sturdy and rip-resistant material that can withstand scuffs and scratches.

Unlike leather or faux leather, polyester won’t get hot even in the middle of summer. Polyester car seat covers are much more budget-friendly than those made from leather and faux leather. However, they may get dirty fast and tend to stain and absorb odors in use.

Durable Polyester Seat Covers


Universal Cloth Car Seat Cover, 2 Seats / 5 SeatsCloth Seat Covers, 2 Front / 5 SeatFront and Rear Cloth Seat Cover, Universal Fit

4. Linen Seat Covers

Linen seat covers are easy to maintain and very comfortable to sit on. They are breathable and will keep you cool and stay dry in hot weather. Linen seat covers usually come in lots of stylish colors and patterns.

However, they may not able to provide enough warmth in cold seasons. In addition, linen fabrics can accumulate dust and it’s not water-resistant, so it may be not that easy to clean.

Breathable Seat Covers


Breathable Car Front Rear Seat CushionLeather Linen Car Seat CoverCar Rear Seat Cushion, Half Surround w/ Bamboo Charcoal

5. Plush & Cotton Seat Covers

Seat covers constructed with plush surface and cotton filling are soft, warm and comfortable. The plush surface has a velvety look and feel, offering sufficient softness and warmth in chilly climate.

Plush & cotton seat covers are not moisture resistant and waterproof, so you need to careful and not to spill any drink or water in use. It’s prone to staining and not easy to clean.

Plush Seat Covers


Car Front Seat Mat w/Plush SurfaceCar Rear Seat Cushion w/Plush Surface

Which Material is the Best Option?

The seat covers are meant to protect your car seats and improve the car’s interiors. So, it’s important to make clear the main purpose you need them. There are three considerations to help decide what car seat cover material suits you best.

Your main purpose. If you want luxury car seat covers to add elegance to your car, leather or faux leather are perfect. Living in a hot region means you need to stay cool with breathable materials like linen and mesh. If you’d like to prevent the seats from wear and tear, you can go for a polyester seat cover. You may also want something warm in winter, then plush material is a good option.

Your Budget. You may still have several options after setting your purpose. Now it’s time to check your budget. When you can afford a leather or faux leather car seat cover, why not go for it? While if you have limited budget, you can pick a polyester or fabric seat cover instead.

The Seat cover’s fit. Apart from your purpose and budget, you should also take the seat cover’s fit into consideration. There are full-surround covers that can envelop the entire seat and half-surround cushions that are easy to install. The non-slip feature and adjustable straps are also important to make sure the covers stay firmly in place. Therefore, make clear your car seat sizes and dimensions before going for new seat covers and choose the best ones.

  • Breathable seat covers are better choices for hot climate. They are comfortable.

    Ryan N. on
  • It seems that the polyester seat covers are suitable for heavy trucks.

    KK on
  • The leather seat covers look awesome and improve the interior a lot. Would like to get one for my Honda Civic 2016.

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