The 4 Best Quilts On The Market in 2022

Among all the bedding products, quilt may be the most versatile one year-round. You can either use it as a primary blanket on hot days, layer it on the duvet on chilly nights, or just spread it on the bed for decoration. And even, you can use it for warmth when watching TV, reading or napping on the sofa or couch. Therefore, it’s really a practical item deserved to own.

Quilts on the market are made from various materials, and the best option will vary by individual preferences and budgets. Also, there are differences between them in quilt weight, softness, warmth, styles, etc.

Here we find four popular quilts made of different fabrics, and they are all stylish, machine washable, and of course, high quality.

1. 100% Cotton Quilt

GeeComfy Embroidered Cotton Quilt Set

GeeComfy’s handmade embroidered cotton quilt set for queen sized bed

This machine washable quilt set from GeeComfy is made of 100% cotton for ultra-soft and comfy, skin-friendly touch. It feels medium weight but offers enough warmth, applicable from spring to summer.

The set features cloud-construction stitches, which keep the batting firmly in place and show beautiful grains. The hand-embroidered tree of life and floral patterns are gorgeous, making it a decorative piece on the bed.

You don’t need to buy extra pillowcases since it comes with two matching shams. Another bonus is that the quilt is reversible, which allows you to give the bed a new look with an easy flip whenever you want. Meanwhile, the color palette on both sides will go with any modern neutral home décor.

2. Cotton And Linen Blended Quilt

Parachute Linen Box Quilt

 Parachute’s linen box quilt in solid color layering on the top of a dark bedding piece

As a quality bedding piece of Parachute, this quilt presents classic box patterns on both sides that will recall our childhood memories.  

It is made of a garment dyed linen front, a cotton back and a polyester batting fill. The linen provides texture, while the cotton and polyester give softness and fluffy touch.

Being medium weight, it is ideal for layering on other bedding pieces for extra warmth during frigid weather. Besides common colors, this set offers other styles such as ochre, clay and coal to enhance its rustic texture. It’s also machine washable.

3. Microfiber Quilt

Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet set

Mellanni’s microfiber quilt set in beige color

This warm and durable beige set from Mellanni features a quilt and two matching shams made from microfiber material. The same floral stitching on the two sides is a sweet ornament for your bed.

It’s a machine-washable quilt crafted to be resistant to fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle, and it even comes with a lifetime guarantee when you buy them.

This quilt set comes in a wide range of colors from white, mint to navy and black, and it also offers some other different patterns, from which you can find one to fit your space.

4. Polyester Quilt

Lavish Home Single Bedspread

Lavish Home’s single silver bedspread made from polyester

As is known to all that cotton and linen materials are softer and warmer but much more expensive. And for some people with limited budgets, this quilt from Lavish Home is a good idea.

Made from 100% polyester front, back and filling, this machine washable quilt is durable and built to hold up for long-term use. It is super lightweight, which is perfect for hot summer nights and warm weather.

The geometric pattern design is easy to be matched with any modern interior décor. Also, there are a variety of color options, and you can choose one as needed.   

  • For me, the polyester quilt is a budget-friendly choice.

    Maxie on
  • The cotton and linen quilt looks cozy on the bed.

    Willa on
  • I prefer the softness and touch of cotton fabric. The cotton quilt seems high quality.

    1. LaureN on

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