Stainless Steel Home Coffee Bean Drum Roaster Machine

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☕ Premium Material: Stainless steel roller, strong temperature holding ability. Low decibel drive motor, low noise, and comfortable listening to distinguish the dehydration degree of the coffee beans.

☕ Comes with a Stainless Steel Tray: Prevent beans or nuts from falling and place to cool them.

☕ Transparent Viewing Window: It is convenient for viewing the changes of the beans during the baking process. Smoke exhaust holes on the side so that the smoke in the baking process is discharged smoothly, rapid cooling, and the removal of bean skin.

☕ Large Capacity: It can hold 600g of coffee beans at one time. 

☕ Evenly Heated: Baking coffee bean with 30 revolutions per minute. Baking the material slowly and rotating slowly to heat it more evenly heated.

☕ Wide Application: Used to make popcorn, fried peanuts, fried melon seeds, fried soybeans, and other grain nuts. 
Please Note:
- Do not use it in continuous 24 hours working.
- Do not contact the body with a high-temperature state.


Product: Coffee Roaster Drum Type
Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 60Hz
Power: 14W
Capacity: 600g (coffee bean at a time)
Diameter: 15.2''x 9.1'' x 7.5''
Maximum Last Using time: 23 min
Baking Degree Time Temperature Feature Description
Light Roasting 12 min 230 ℃  Strong acidity, the surface of the beans turns into wheat yellow-brown, the green and astringent taste of the beans still exists, and there is no obvious fragrance.
Cinnamon Roasting 13 min 235 ℃  Weakly acidic, the beans are cinnamon-colored, American style.
Medium Roasting 14 min 240 ℃  Chestnut color, balanced sweetness, and sourness.
High Roasting 15 min 245 ℃  Slightly bitter, suitable for iced drinks.
City Roasting 17 min 250 ℃   Originated from New York City, it is currently the most common baking degree, suitable for everyone's taste.
Full City Roasting 19 min 250 ℃   Slightly bitter, suitable for iced drinks.
French Roasting 21 min 250 ℃   Strong bitterness, strong taste, oily beans on the surface.
Italian Roasting 23 min 250 ℃   Strong bitterness, no acidity, the surface of the beans are close to carbon color.

Package includes:

1x English manual
1x stainless steel tray
1x coffee roasting drum
1x round base
1x roller shaft

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